Artist’s Village Blog Tour

The Artists Village – Blog Tour

Last year my friend, Kathy York, had a brilliant idea to organize a project to create an artist village with three dimensional stitched houses. She was inspired by the houses Judy Perez made several years ago, that were published in Cloth Paper Scissors.

Kathy just happened to have this beautiful green quilt that works perfectly as the village green. Hopefully, this fabulous project will get accepted to Tactile Architecture, so lots of people will have the opportunity to see it.


For the public unveiling of the project, Kathy has also organized a blog tour during  the month of May where each artist will post information and photos about their individual house in the village.
Susan Else (website)  May 2 
Frances Holliday Alford  May 3 
Pamela Allen (website)  May 4 


My yellow embellished house is made entirely of beads, buttons and found objects stitched to a Timtex base.  I have various figures flying out of the chimney.  It is one of the smaller houses, but probably the one that weighs the most.

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