Frances  Holliday Alford found her medium in Fiber Arts after experimentation with many  different art forms and mediums.  As a painter, she feels that her use of fabrics, fibers, and textile paints are an  extension of her medium.  Known for brilliant colors and for narrative  subjects, often humorous, she uses materials in fresh and innovative ways. 

A native Texan, Frances learned to escape the Houston heat in the summertime when her mother took the family to Vermont.  There, she spent the summers with brothers, sisters, and cousins enjoying fresh air and cool evenings.  In retirement from teaching, she now resides in Grafton, Vermont, just blocks from her grandparents' former home.  In her studio, Embellishments, situated in the two story Tuttle barn Frances creates her quilts and holds classes and retreats. 

Frances studied fine arts as an undergraduate.  She holds a Master's of Education in Special Education from the University of Arizona.  She served in the United States Peace Corps as a Rehabilitation Volunteer in South Korea, teaching blind students at the Cheong-ju Home and School for the Blind.  During her many years in the classroom, Frances' art background enabled her to create effective multi-sensory activities for teaching students with various disabilities. Today, she continues to enjoy developing activities that teach a set of skills to interested art quilt enthusiasts.

As a world traveler, Frances has found her inspiration in many places.  She takes photos incessantly and picks up materials where ever she goes.  All of this gives inspiration to her art, and her art gives inspiration to her life.  Frances lives in the yellow house on Main Street with her two female Yorkies.